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If you are concerned about hair loss, then talk to one of experts to see how Hair Transplant can help you gain your confidence back.

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DHI is a different form of FUE hair implantation that uses a similar technique. Hair follicles will be removed from a portion of your hairline, generally the back of your head, and implanted into balding areas by your doctor. 


Who might benefit from a DHI procedure?

Hair implants are only recommended for anyone above the age of 25. Hair loss is more variable before this age.

People with thicker hair often have greater results than those who have thinner hair. Every hair follicle is better covered with thicker hair.

The better outcomes are frequently achieved by those with light hair or hair that is near in colour to their skin tone.

Precautions and negative effects of DHI hair transplantation

Local anaesthetic will be used to numb your scalp during DHI. Although anaesthesia is typically safe, certain people may experience undesirable side effects.

An infection might occur at either the donor location or the place where the hair follicles are transplanted. Severe infections are uncommon, affecting fewer than 1% of the population. Hair implantation operations from a reputable source

Within two months following surgery, shock hair loss might happen. It relates to a temporary hair loss in the transplanted area. In virtually all cases, a successful recovery takes 3 to 4 months.

The hair follicles should be arranged in a way that resembles your normal hair regrowth when they are transplanted. If the follicles are transplanted incorrectly, you may end up with an unsatisfactory look.

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